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LP Press Release Concerning Crickenberger's Help for Rand

Carole Ann Rand Runs Campaign To "BUMP" Bob Barr.
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July 27, 2002

[July 27] A Georgia businesswoman and longtime Libertarian activist has agreed to challenge U.S. Rep. Bob Barr for his seat in Congress, creating a "two-pronged attack" intended to help unseat the four-term incumbent.

On July 23, Carole Ann Rand, the chair of the board of directors of the Advocates for Self-Government, announced that she will campaign against Barr to represent Georgiaís seventh district in the U.S. House. By focusing on the issue of medical marijuana, Rand will try to cause Barr ó widely considered the most fanatical Drug Warrior in Congress ó to lose in the Republican primary election on August 20, said LP Political Director Ron Crickenberger.

In an unprecedented move for a Libertarian candidate, Rand is already planning to run a flurry of pre-primary television advertisements attacking Barr for his stance on medical marijuana. The ads are tentatively scheduled to begin running about two weeks prior to the election.

Crickenberger, who is also serving as Randís campaign consultant, said he was "extremely pleased" that Rand agreed to take on Barr. "We had about a dozen Libertarians volunteer to run against Barr, but Carole Ann was my top choice," he said. "Not only does she have a long history of libertarian activism, but she is a wonderful communicator of libertarian ideas as well."

Rand is running as part of the Libertarian Partyís "Incumbent Killer Strategy," which targets the worst Drug Warriors in Congress for defeat. The strategy is one component of the partyís plan to end federal Drug Prohibition by 2010.

Thatís why Randís signature issue will be medical marijuana, said Crickenberger. A staunch social conservative, Barr opposes decriminalizing marijuana even for patients who have a doctorís prescription.

Furthermore, Barr pushed three amendments through Congress to prevent voters in Washington, DC from approving medical marijuana initiatives. He also has been a vocal cheerleader of federal raids on medical marijuana clinics in states where medical use of the drug has been legalized.

Meanwhile, Randís professional credentials ó including her current position as the chief financial officer for Food Partners, a wholesale food brokerage company ó make her an "ideal candidate" to run on the Drug Prohibition issue, said Crickenberger.

"Carole Ann is a professional businesswoman and a person of great integrity and character," he said. "It is impossible to caricature her as a stereotypical dope-smoker." Rand said she is eager to call attention in her campaign to how "out of touch" Barr is on the medical marijuana issue.

"To arrest and jail people who are just trying to relieve their pain and treat their diseases is the true crime involved in medical marijuana," she said. "We must replace our policy of handcuffs for patients with a policy of compassion and understanding."

Currently, Barr is in a hotly contested primary battle with fellow Republican Congressman John Linder. Both are incumbents, but are facing each other in a GOP primary because of redistricting.

Although Linder previously boasted on his website that the Libertarian Party endorsed him for re-election, Crickenberger said the party has done no such thing.

"Targeting Bob Barr for defeat in no way means the party endorses John Linder," he said. "Obviously, we are endorsing our own candidate in this election."

Crickenberger said there is one potential obstacle to Randís campaign: Given the onerous ballot access requirements in Georgia, it may be difficult to qualify her for the ballot for the November general election. State law requires about 16,000 valid petition signatures from one Congressional district to place a candidate on the ballot.

However, at least three lawsuits have been filed to overturn the law on Constitutional ground, or to reduce the signature requirement or postpone the deadline because of delays in the redistricting process, said Crickenberger.

But getting Randís name on the November ballot is not the main concern at this point, said Crickenberger ó since Rand can start running TV ads even before her ballot status has been confirmed.

"We aim to hammer Bob Barr with the medical marijuana issue and cause him to lose the primary election [on August 20]," he said. "If Barr loses the primary, whether or not Carole Ann is on the ballot, we will have achieved our main goal."

If Rand does qualify for the ballot and Barr wins his primary, the focus will shift to trying to cause the Congressman to lose the November general election, said Crickenberger. "We have two opportunities to retire Barr, and weíre prepared to take advantage of both of them," he said.

The footage for Randís first TV commercial has already been shot, and features a medical marijuana patient with multiple sclerosis who can barely move or speak, said Crickenberger.

"This woman takes marijuana to ease her chronic pain and to allow for more flexibility in her limbs," he said. "It will be a very emotionally stirring commercial."

Barr is the first politician to be targeted in the LPís so-called Incumbent Killer Strategy. Also targeted for defeat are U.S. Rep. Henry Bonilla (R-TX), Senator Max Cleland (D-GA), Senator Tim Hutchison (R- AR), and Senator Max Baucus (D-MT).

The strategy of focusing on the War on Drugs as a "wedge" issue is one of 20 political strategies incorporated in the LPís comprehensive Strategic Plan, which was approved by the Libertarian National Committee in 2001.

In 1990, Rand became the first woman in Georgia history to run for governor. Her Libertarian campaign won over 37,000 votes, earning the party ballot status at that time.

Rand is also a former president of the Advocates for Self-Government, and a past member of its board of directors. She is married, and has four children and eight grandchildren.

For more information about Carole Ann Rand, medical marijuana, Bob Barrís record, or to make a contribution, visit: www.randforcongress.com.


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