2000 Campaign Report

3a. Media Appearances during 2000

by Harry Browne

These lists cover publicity events in which I participated from February 14, 2000 (the official beginning of the presidential campaign) through Election Day, November 7.

Even though there are 852 events shown, this list isn't complete. There were additional articles written about the campaign that either didn't come to the attention of the campaign staff or that didn't involve a personal interview. In fact, we're aware of 1,655 references in the printed press – articles in which I was mentioned or even covered fairly extensively, but that may not have involved an interview.

These appearances gave me the opportunity to tell Americans that there is a much better country available to us – one in which their children and grandchildren won't have to face the crushing burden of taxation that they've faced all their lives, one in which they can be free of Social Security and plan a secure retirement for themselves, one in which the liberties that made America unique aren't tossed away on behalf of a futile Drug War, one in which their children will be safe from foreign wars and terrorist attacks because their government will no longer roam the world looking for trouble.

More than anything else, I had the opportunity to show that there are far better alternatives than those being offered by the old parties – that it doesn't have to be this way.

(Figures in parentheses by the shows indicate multiple appearances or interviews.)

National TV — 53

David Asman, Fox TV News network (6)
Israel Baldaris, National Empowerment TV
Bobby Batista, Talk Back Live!, CNN (2)
Chris Bury, Nightline, ABC-TV
Business Unusual, CNN-FN
Todd Connor, Fox TV News network
Catherine Crier, Court TV
C-SPAN - Libertarian candidates' debate
C-SPAN - 3rd party debates (2)
C-SPAN - Acceptance speech
C-SPAN - California LP debate
C-SPAN - campaign event
C-SPAN - Detroit Economic Club speech,
C-SPAN - Washington Journal (interviewer's name unknown)
Jon DuPre, Fox TV News network
Darren Garrick, PBS
Pamela Gentry, C-SPAN
Jim Gibson, Fox News Network
Steve Gillon, History Channel
George Hager, Washington Journal, C-SPAN
Sean Hannity & Alan Colmes, Fox TV News network (7)
Bill Hormann, America’s Voice TV
Brit Hume, Fox TV News network
Brian Lamb, Washington Journal, C-SPAN
Bill Maher, Politically Incorrect, ABC-TV
Oliver North & Paul Begala, Equal Time, MS-NBC
Bill O'Reilly, Fox TV News network
PBS - Documentary on 3rd parties
Ellen Ratner & Armstrong Williams, America's Voice TV Network
Michael Reagan, O'Reilly Factor, Fox TV News network (2)
Tim Russert, Meet the Press, NBC-TV
Wanda Scheflet, CNN-FN
Bernard Shaw, Inside Politics, CNN
Tony Snow, Brit Hume Special Report, Fox TV News network
Lori Stokes, MS-NBC News
Ray Suarez, PBS News Hour
Linda Vester, Fox TV News network
John Wardock, Bloomberg TV
Lou Waters, CNN

National Radio — 90

A.M. America, Liberty Works Radio network
Kirby Anderson, Penna Dexter, & John Driggs, USA Radio Network
Gary Baumgarten, CNN Radio (2)
Roger Bentley Arnold, Business Talk Radio Network
John Bisney, CNN Radio
Jim Bohannon, Westwood One radio
Andrew Bowers, Morning Edition, National Public Radio
Jack Burkman, Westwood One Network (2)
Pat Campbell, Catholic Radio Network
Michael Cloud (Gary Nolan show), Radio America
Gerg Corombos, Radio America
Blanquita Cullum, Radio America network (2)
Ken & Daria Dolan, syndicated
Don & Mike, CBS radio
Bob Edwards, Morning Edition, NPR
Julie Englander, National Public Radio
Roberta Fascenelli & Mark Scheinbaum, Good Day USA, syndicated
Glen Galaich, KWAB and syndicated, Boulder, CO
David Gold, Salem Radio Network
Paul Gonzales, Talk America
Norman Hall, Associated Press radio
Ken Hamblin, American View network (2)
Brian Higgins, Liberty Works Radio network (2)
Jerry Hughes, Talk America
John Boy & Billy, syndicated
Brent Johnson, American Sovereign, syndicated
Larry Klayman, Judicial Watch, syndicated
Michelle Laxalt & Barry Lynn, syndicated
Michelle Laxalt, I. E. America network
Mal Leary, National Public Radio
Al Lerner, Daybreak USA, syndicated (2)
Lionel, syndicated (3)
Rusty Lutz, ABC Radio News
Peter Maer, CBS Radio
Tom Mahoney & Neal Lavon, Voice of America
Michael Medved, KVI, syndicated
Chuck Morse, American Freedom Network
Alan Nathan, Radio America
Robby Noel, American Freedom Network
Gary Nolan & Lowell Ponte, Radio America
Gary Nolan, Radio America (5)
Steve Norman, Voice of America
Oliver North, Radio America (2)
Phil Paleologos & Ellen Ratner, Talk America Radio Network
Phil Paleologos, Talk America Radio Network (3)
Erskine Payton, Equity Network
Carol Pearson, Voice of America
Lowell Ponte, Talk Radio Network (2)
Dan Raviv, CBS Radio
Michael Reagan, syndicated (2)
Jay Richie, Business Day, syndicated
Jeff Santos, Talk America radio network (2)
Paul Schiffer, Radio America
Barbara Schoetzau, Voice of America network
David Stein, Talk America Radio Network
Doug Stephan, Radio America Network (4)
Tony Trupiano, Talk America radio network (3)
Alan Tullio, CBS News
John Wardock, Bloomberg Radio
John David Wells, Talk America Radio Network (3)
Armstrong Williams, Talk America Radio Network (3)
Juan Williams, National Public Radio
Tim Winchester & Mike Ferguson, KCWJ, Kansas City, MO

National Press — 38

Jay Ambrose, Scripps Howard News Service
Eric Bailey, Los Angeles Times (syndicated)
Tom Baxter, Atlanta Constitution & Cox Newspapers chain
Miles Benson, Newhouse News Service
Bill Bradford & Stephen Cox, Liberty Magazine
Josh Burek, Christian Science Monitor
Michael Carney, Reuters
Stephen Chapman, Chicago Tribune syndicate
Linda Feldman, Christian Science Monitor
Kate Folmass, Los Angeles Times, syndicated
John Fund, Wall Street Journal
Steve Goode, Insight Magazine
Amy Green, Associated Press, Nashville
Joseph Guinto, Investors Business Daily
Jennifer Hickey, Insight Magazine
Patrick Howe, Associated Press
Investors Business Daily editorial
Teresa Joeger, Washington Times, DC
Hillary Johnson, Worth Magazine
David Judson, Gannett News Service
Knight-Ridder News Service
Jill Labbe, Knight-Ridder
Los Angeles Times coverage of 5 presidential candidates
Michael Lynch, Reason magazine
Dan Murphy & Brian Mitchell, Investors Business Daily
Oliver North, syndicated
Steve Paulson, Associated Press, Denver
Kathryn Pfleger & Douglas Kiker, Associated Press
Maria Recio, Knight Ridder News Service (2)
Michael Richards, Senior Focus
Tom Sailor, Your Money
Barry Smith, Freedom Newspapers
Tom Squitieri, USA Today
Jim Suhr, Associated Press
Wall Street Journal - Browne article
Brian Weiss, George Magazine
Erica Werner, Associated Press

Local TV — 80

Terry Adler, WHDH, Channel 7 (NBC), Manchester, NH (2)
Jackie Bauer, Florida News Channel, for Tallahassee NBC-TV station
Betsey Bruce, KTVI-TV, St. Louis, MO
Thad Damkoehler, cable-access TV, Atlanta, GA
Stacy Davis, WCTI-TV, Channel 12, Newburn, NC
Hal Eisner, KCOP, Channel 13, Los Angeles
Sara Greer, KTRK-TV (ABC), Houston
Mollie Halpern, WPXT, Channel 51, Portland, ME
Penny Herman, Women's Interactive Network, Florida News Channel, Tallahassee
Andre Holland, WKBD, Channel 50, Detroit
Jamie Holmes, WPTV (NBC), West Palm Beach, FL
Don Hudson, WJLA-TV, Channel 7 (ABC), Washington, DC
Cynthia Hunt, KTRK-TV, ABC, Dallas
Tony Hyatt, WAVE-TV, Channel 3, Louisville, KY
Sam Hall Kaplan, KTTV-TV, Channel 11, Los Angeles
KCTS-TV, Channel 9, Seattle
Tami Kou, WTMJ-TV, Channel 4, Milwaukee
KSDK-TV News, St. Louis, MO
Ryan L’Epicier, AT&T Cable Services
Ernest Lewis, Libertarian Forum, WA
Leslie Leyton, Orange County News Network, CA
Little Rock cable access - Campaign video (7)
Little Rock TV, AR (reporter & station unknown)
Raoul Lowery Contreras, Channel 61, San Diego, CA
James Lubin & Adrian Bashchuk, Tufts University TV
John Maresco, Channel 12, Long Island, NY
Jim Masterson, WXOW-TV, La Crosse, WI
Doug McGrath, WLVI-TV, Channel 56, Boston
Brendan McLaughlin, WFTS-TV, Channel 28, Tampa, FL
Ed McNeal, WXLV-TV, Winston-Salem, NC
Mary Moore, Orange County News Channel, CA
Monica Morales, WFXT-TV, Channel 25 (Fox), Manchester, NH (2)
Rich Moreno. Channel 8 (ABC)
Shannon Moss, WCSH, Channel 6, Portland, ME
Maya Nieshikawa, KGTV-TV, San Diego, CA
Carlene Orig, WISN-TV, Channel 12 (ABC), Milwaukee
Rich Parsons, KXAN-TV, Austin, TX
Diane Pertmer, WFAL-TV, Channel 8, Tampa, FL
Amanda Rossiter, New England Cable Network
Julie Rubenstein, WTNH-TV, Hartford, CT
Joel Rubin & Jim Spencer, WVEC-TV, Norfolk, VA
Tim Ryan, KDFW-TV (Fox), Dallas
Robert Ryder, WTVO, Channel 17, Rockford, IL
Mark Selzer, cable-access TV, Los Angeles
Bobby Sisk, KTHV (CBS), Little Rock, AR
Chuck Stokes, WXYZ-TV (ABC), Detroit
Mike Thompson, Channel 19, La Crosse, WI
Mary Tillotson, Northwest Cable News, Portland, OR
Mike Vasilinda, Florida News Channel, Tallahassee
Rick Wagner, KKCO-TV (NBC)
WCTV-TV News, Channel 6, Tallahassee, FL
WFAL-TV, Tampa, FL (HB campaign statement)
WFSU-TV, Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL
WGME, Julene Britt, WGME, Portland, ME
Jerry White, KVUE-TV, Austin, TX
Jonathan Willingham & Whitaker Grannis, Wake Forest University TV, NC
T.J. Winnick, New England Cable News (2)
Wisconsin Public television
WTXL-TV (ABC) news, Tallahassee, FL
Scot Yount, New England Cable News, Boston
+ 17 interviews where the reporter or station wasn’t identified

Big-City Radio — 255

Jerry Agar, WPTF, Raleigh, NC (2)
Leslie Aherne & Paul Antakolski, WMEX, Boston
Larry Ahrens, KKOB, Albuquerque, NM
Mike Ambrosini, KNX, Los Angeles
Shawn Anderson & Mary Jo Powell, WTOP, Washington, DC
Debra Anderson, WTOP, Washington D.C.
Fred Andrle, WOSU, Columbus, OH
Joe Arnold, WHAS, Louisville, KY
Dave Arrowwood, WSM & WTN, Nashville
Leslie, & Jimmy Barnes, WNNX, Atlanta
Tom Becka, KMBZ, Kansas City, KS
Eric Berman, WIBC, Indianapolis
Neal Boortz, WSB, Atlanta  (6)
Jerry Bowyer, WPTT, Pittsburgh (2)
Susan Bray, WWDB-FM, Philadelphia
Charles Brennan, KMOX, St. Louis
Rochelle Brenner, WRTI-FM (NPR), Philadelphia
Caleb Browne, Kentucky News Network
David Brudnoy, WBZ, Boston (2)
Chris Brugman, WMDM, Wilmington, DE
Jim Bryan, KNUS, Denver
Joan Buffington, KVMR, Sacramento, CA
Gene Burns, WMEX, Boston (2)
Pascale Burton, KLBJ, Austin, TX
Carmen & Chris, WSSR-FM, Tampa, FL
Howie Carr, WRKO, Boston
Jane Chastain, KLTX, Los Angeles
Stephen Cobb, KSNX, Phoenix
Ann Cody, WZLX-FM, Boston
Bill Cohen, Ohio Public Radio
Kerry Coleman, WERE, Cleveland
Mark Coll, KHNC, Denver
Alan Colmes, WEVD, New York City (3)
Jim Crocker & Mike McCardell, WGAN, Portland, ME
Bob Crowley, Texas State Radio network, Austin, TX
John Davis, Wisconsin Public Radio, La Crosse
Gordon Deal, Metro Networks, New York City
Jim Dexter, KTKK, Salt Lake City  (4)
Chris Dimino & Nick Cellini, WOXI, Atlanta
Richard Dixon, WAPI, Birmingham, AL
Bruce Dumont, WLS, Chicago
Kathleen Dunn, Wisconsin Public Radio, Milwaukee
Larry Elder, KABC, Los Angeles (6)
Joe Elliot, WHAS, Louisville
Jim Ellis WSM, Nashville
Dave Elswick, KARN, Little Rock
Jim Engster, syndicated in Louisiana
Jim Fagin, KFAB, Omaha, NE
Mike Ferguson, KCWJ, Kansas City, MO
Bruce Ferrell, North Carolina News Network, Raleigh
Jerry Fogel, KPHN, Kansas City, MO
Randy Ford, Tennessee Radio Network
Ben Foxworth, KXLY, Spokane, WA
Louie Free, WASN, Youngstown, OH
Ahndi Fridell, KFAI, Minneapolis
Tom Fudge, KPBS-FM (NPR), San Diego
Mildred Gaddis, WCHB, Detroit
Joe Galuski, WSYR, Syracuse, NY
Bruce Gellerman, WBUR, Boston University
Steve Gill & Terry Hopkins, WLAC, Nashville
Steve Gill, WLAC, Nashville
David Gold, KGNW, Dallas
Gordon Brothers, WDBO, Orlando
Bill Gordon, WERE, Cleveland
Charles Goyette, KFYI, Phoenix
Charles Goyette, KTAR, Phoenix
Michael Graham, WSC, Charleston, SC
John Grayson, KMOX, St. Louis
Wayne Green, WTAl, Tallahassee, FL
Al Gross, KJSL, St. Louis
Doug Guetzloe, WWNZ, Orlando, FL
Sean Hannity, WABC, New York City (2)
James Hargrove, PBS Peach State Radio Network, Atlanta
Lynn Harper, KOGO, San Diego
Todd Hartley, KTAR, Phoenix
Mike Hawkins, Ohio News Network
Robert Hennelly, WBAI-FM, New York City
Zoh Hieronimus, WCBM, Baltimore, MD
Brian Higgins, Liberty Works radio network, MA
Austin Hill, KTKP, Phoenix
James Hirsen, America Advocate, syndicated in CO, TN, & CA
Bub Hokanson, WTAG, Boston
Joe Hueter, KBOI, Boise, ID
Dennis Hutchins, WQCB-FM, Portland, ME
Paul Irwin, WICR-FM (NPR), Indianapolis
Jack & Sharon, WFLA, Tampa, FL
Joe Jackson, KIQ, Salt Lake City  (2)
Jeff Jacoby, WTKK, Boston
Chris Jagger, KDGE-FM, Dallas
Andy Johnson, WJGR, Jacksonville, FL
Charley Jones, KRLD, Dallas
Tom Kamb, KHOW, Denver
Jeff Kats, KXNT, Las Vegas, NV
Kay, Radio Iowa
Kevin Keenan, WBEN, Buffalo, NY
John Kelly, KLIV, San Francisco
Hoppy Kercheval & Stephen Reed, West Virginia Radio
Kevin & Bean, KROQ-FM, Burbank, CA
Angela Keyton, KOOP-FM, Austin, TX
Glenn Klein, WTAN, Tampa, FL (4)
Michael Langley, KMJX-FM, Little Rock
John Lanigan & Jimmy Malone, WMJI-FM, Cleveland  (2)
Lars Larson, KXL, Portland, OR
Chris Lato, Wisconsin Radio Network
Steve Lavelli, WBZ, Boston
Deb Lawler, WBZ, Boston
Jay Lawrence, KFI, Los Angeles
Jason Lewis, KSTP, Minneapolis
Ray Lincoln, KARN, Little Rock, AR
Rob Lorie, WMNF-FM, Tampa, FL
Pat Lynch, KARN, Little Rock, AR
M.J. & B.J., WFLZ-FM, Tampa Bay, FL
Al Malmberg, WCCO, Minneapolis
Jesse Malone, WFPL-FM (NPR), Louisville, KY
P.J. Maloney, KQEV, Pittsburgh
Larry Marino, KIEV, Los Angeles (3)
Jay Marvin, WLS, Chicago
Kevin Matthews, WXCD-FM, Chicago
Alyson McAdam, WBUR, Boston
Kevin McCarthy, KLIF, Dallas (2)
Malachy McCourt, WNYC (NPR), New York City
John McDonald, WGAN, Portland, ME
Melissa McDonald, Tennessee Radio Network
Marlin McElvy, WMC, Memphis, TN
Mary McKenna & Dale Carter, KFKF-FM, Kansas City, MO
Terry Meiners, WHAS, Louisville, KY
Ben Merens, Wisconsin Public Radio
Pete Michaels & Tory Gates, WCOJ, Philadelphia, PA
Jan Michelson, WHO, Des Moines, IA
Marcia Minor, WERE, Cleveland
Glenn Mitchell, KERA-FM (NPR), Dallas
Morning News, KOA, Denver
Andy Mose & Peter Blute, Morning Show, WRKO, Boston
Mancow Muller, WKOZ-FM, Chicago (3)
Jack Murphy, WKZL-FM, Greensboro, NC
Steve Murphy, WCCO, Minneapolis
Uncle Nasty, KBIP-FM, Denver
Shula Neuman, KWMU-FM (NPR), St. Louis, MO
David Newman, WJR, Detroit
Robby Noel, KHNC & KTMG, Denver
George Noory, KTRS, St. Louis (2)
Karen Oakum & John Beaupre, KPFK-FM, Los Angeles
Harry Osibin, KITS-FM, San Francisco
Ronn Owens, KGO, San Francisco
Joe Palan, WMNN, Minneapolis
Kevin Patrick & Tracy Romine, KNEW, San Jose
Bill Phelan, KTRS, St. Louis
Bill Press, KGO, San Francisco
George Putman, KIEV, Los Angeles
John Quaintance, WJCW, Tri-Cities, TN
John Rago, WDEL, Wilmington, DE
Tom Reagan & Ted Shredd, WEDG-FM, Buffalo, NY
Rod Rice, KTRH, Houston
Mike Richards, KPRC, Houston
Bob Ridden, WTMJ, Milwaukee
Tim Right & Amy Sinclair, WMGX-FM, Portland, ME
Colleen Riley, KQV, Pittsburgh
Reggie Rivers, KHOW, Denver, CO
Marc Roberts, WERC, Birmingham, AL (2)
Lee Rodgers & Melanie Morgan, KSFO, San Francisco
Ann Marie Ronning, WLTE, Minneapolis
Bob Rose, WDBO, Orlando, FL
Ian Rose, Westwood One radio stations, Los Angeles
Mike Rosen, KOA, Denver
Dave Ross, KIRO, Seattle
Lee Rubin, KQED-FM (NPR), San Francisco
Mike Scinto, WDAO, Dayton, OH
Chad Scott, WAPI, Birmingham, AL
Mark Scott, WXYT, Detroit (4)
Jay Severin, WTKK, Boston
Keith Shortall, Maine Public Radio
Barbara Simpson, KSFO, San Francisco
Steve Simpson, WIBC, Indianapolis, IN
Reagan Smith & Lou Frye, Florida Radio Network
Tommy Smith & Big Dave, KMJX-FM, Little Rock, AR
Bob Smith, WXXI, Rochester, NY
Peter Solomon WIP, Philadelphia (2)
Stan Solomon, WXLW, Indianapolis (4)
Elisa Sonneland, KTSA, San Antonio, TX (2)
Larry Spilman, Florida Radio Network
Spires & Krantz, WBT, Charlotte, NC
Richard Spires & Brad Krantz, WBT, Charlotte, NC
Dark Starr, WCCO, Minneapolis
Kevin Starrett, KPDQ, Portland, OR
Jennifer Stayton, WAER-FM, Syracuse, NY
Bruce Stephens & Colin MacEnroe, WTIC, Hartford, CT
Erica Stevens & Jim Carney, WKTX, Cleveland
Kelly Stevens, WROW, Albany, NY
D.L. Stewart, WHIO, Dayton, OH
Dave Stone, KEWS, Portland, OR
Jeff Styles, WGOW, Chattanooga, TN
Sandra Swain, KAST, Portland, OR
Anthony Swinger, Metro Source Radio News, IN
Charlie Sykes, WTMJ, Milwaukee
Gary Tessler, KWAB, Denver
Jim Turner, WDBO, Orlando, FL
Walter Turner, WWBG, Greensboro, NC
Tuttle & Kline, WXSR-FM, Tallahassee, FL
Otis Twelve, KKAR, Omaha, NE
Arlene Violet, WHJJ, Providence, RI
Laurie Voorman, WTPN-FM, Portland, ME
Larry Wachs & Eric von Hessler, WKLS-FM, Atlanta
Jeff Ward, KLBJ, Austin, TX
John Watson, WILM, Wilmington, DE
Peter Weissbach, KVI, Seattle
Carl Wiglesworth, KTSA, San Antonio (2)
Kirby Wilbur, KVI, Seattle, WA
Brian Wilson, KSFO, San Francisco (2)
Brian Wilson, WBAL, Baltimore
Robert Wood, Texas State Network, Austin
WPTF, Raleigh, NC (talk-show host read HB article on air)
April Zesbaugh & Kim Kobel, KOA, Denver

Small-City Radio — 120

Craig Anderson & Laura Borne, KMND, Midland, TX
Bill Anthony, WKZO, Kalamazoo, MI
Dave Anthony, WIBA, Madison, WI
Phil Anthony, WKZO, Kalamazoo, MI
Jill Balderas, Feature Story News & South African Broadcasting
Dave Barber, WFDF, Flint, MI
Bruce Baskin, KELA, Centralia. WA
Jeremiah Beck, Rockford, IL
Bill Becker, WWUS-FM, Big Pine Key, FL
Mark Benier, WNDB, Daytona Beach, FL
Ian Bernard, WSPB, Sarasota, FL
Laura Borne, KRIL, Odessa, TX
Chris Bowman & Mark Mayhew, KNTA, Rockford, IL
Ralph Bristol, WSPA, Spartanburg, SC (2)
George Brown, WTAG, Worcester, MA
Mike Bung, KXEL, Waterloo, IA (2)
Captain & Anthony, KCJJ, Iowa City, IA
Bart Carafella & Fern Karhu, WLUX, Farmingdale, NY
Harrell Carter, WNWS-FM, Jackson, TN
Jim Cates, WIBW, Topeka, KS
Gary Christopher, WLIS, Saybrook, CT
Gary Christopher, WMRD, Middletown, CT
Doug Clifford, WSKY-FM, Gainesville, FL
Mike Clish, WFAW, Fort Adkinson, WI
Tim Constadine, WGUF-FM, Naples, FL
Rocky D., WTAN, Clearwater, FL
Michael Dresser, KFAR, Fairbanks, AK
Jim Duane & Chris Kelly, KIDO, Boise, ID
Dan Edwards, WHIO, Dayton, OH
Martha Farnam, Radio Free Lennawee, Adrian, MI
Pete Ferrand, WNTK-FM, New London, CT
Jeffery Fieger, WOOD, Grand Rapids, MI
Jessica Finn of KLIK, Jefferson City, MO
Ed Flynn, WATR, Waterbury, CT (2)
Joe Fondren, WRJM-FM, Ozark, AL
Greg Freyermuth, KTSM, El Paso
Amy Glenn, KTBB, Tyler, TX
Larry Goldstein, WVOX, New Rochelle, NY
Paul Hansen, KVAN, Vancouver, WA
Todd Hartley, KTAR, Scottsdale, Arizona
Mike Hayes, WIZM, La Crosse, WI
Hallerin Hill, WNOX, Knoxville, TN
Eric Hogue, KTKZ, Sacramento, CA
Larry Hughes, WEOK, Poughkeepsie, NY (2)
J.Z. & Cheryl, WLHR-FM, Panama City, FL
Dave Jaconette, WKZO, Kalamazoo, MI
Dave James, WBUS, Columbus, OH
Kenneth John, WRMN, Elgin, IL
Jeff Johns, WLKK, Erie, PA
Andy Johnson, WJGR, Jacksonville, FL
Jacolyn Jones Ford, WUTK-FM, University of Tennessee
KKRQ-FM, Iowa City (reporter unidentified)
Rick Knobe, KSOO, Sioux Falls, SD (2)
Tom La Roache, Gun Owners Action League show, WORC, Worcester, MA
Larry Lanoue, WSUB, New London, CT
Laura LeBeau, WAAV, Wilmington, NC
Suzanne Lee, WNTA, Rockford, IL
Louis & Floorwax, KRFX-FM, Denver, CO
Nathan Lowe, WUSC, University of South Carolina
John Lowry, WKYX, Paducah, KY
Joseph Machelli, KVOR, Colorado Springs, CO
Tony Macrini, WNIS, Norfolk, VA (2)
Bill Manders, KMJ, Fresno, CA
Manno & Condon, WKDR, Winewski, VT
Marci & Joe, WKMI, Kalamazoo, MI
Lee Martin, WJGR, Jacksonville, FL
C.B. Maxwell, KNRY, Monterey, CA
Jeff McAndrew, KFIZ, Fond du Lac, MI
Shane McBride, WNTM, Mobile, AL
Jaz McKay, KKAL, San Luis Obispo, CA
Jan Michelson, WHO, Des Moines, IA
Matt Millhouse, WYBR, Big Rapids, MI
Ken & Rick Minyard, KFIV, Modesto, CA
Jack Mullen, WKLP, Keyser, WV
Jason Mullins, WKPT, Kingsport, TN
Gregg Napp, WSKY-FM, Gainesville, FL (2)
Ron Newman, WBIG, Aurora, IL
Ben Odom, KREF, Norman, Oklahoma
Roger Parent, WBET, Brockton, MA
Lindsay Parker, Bloomberg Boston PM, WBNW
Lou Penrose, KNWZ, Palm Springs, CA (2)
John Quantaince, WXBO, Johnson City, TN
Davis Rankin, KURV, Edinburgh, TX
Paul Rasmussen, WOKV, Jacksonville, FL
Doug Raymond, WTKF-FM, Moorehead, NC
Randi Rhodes, WJNO, West Palm Beach, FL
Don Roberts, WDAY, Fargo, ND (2)
Gene Roberts, WWCN, Estero, Florida
Steve Roisun, WLSU, La Crosse, WI
Simon Rose, KRFU, Columbia, MO
C.J. Russell & Chris Schaeffer, WUPS-FM, Mt. Pleasant, MI
Ed Schofeld & Lou Wilson, KMAX, Spokane, WA (2)
Tom Scott, WELI, Hamden, CT
Herb Shaindlin, KFQD, Anchorage, AK
Planet Spence, KVTA, Ventura, CA
Michael Stein, WJIM, Lansing, MI
Tim Stellman, WSHA-FM, Shaw University, Raleigh, NC
Stephen & Chuck on the Jim & Susan Show, KATD, Concord, CA
Ron Stewart, WDAY, Sioux Falls, SD
John Stokes, KGEZ, Kallispell, MT
Jim Thompson, WGCH News, Greenwich, CT
Dimitri Vassillaros, WWVA, Wheeling, WV (2)
Eric von Wade, KEYS, Corpus Christi, TX
John Webster, KKUP, Santa Clara, CA
Brian Weigand & Eric Power, WLNI-FM, Lynchburg, VA
Jeff Weinstein, WTME, Lewiston, ME
John Wood, WRCW, Akron, OH
Bill Wozniak & Ray Hall, WJTM, Jamestown, NY
WYSO, Antioch University, OH (reporter unidentified)
Mike Young, WWLO, Gainesville, FL

Local Press — 137

Randy Alcorn, Santa Barbara News Press, CA
Jay Apperson, Baltimore Sun, MD
Austin American-Statesman, TX
Alison Barker, Associated Press, WV
Alan Bernstein, Houston Chronicle
Joe Bonni, Boston Weekly Dig, MA
Tricia Booker, Folio Weekly, Northeast Florida
Mike A. Bozarth, St. Joseph Telegraph, MO
Jim Bradshaw, Columbus Dispatch, OH
Iris Bryan, Crystal Lake Town Crier, IL
Janie Bryant, Norfolk Pilot, VA
Jon Bystrom. Rock River Times, IL
Jim Camden, The Spokane Spokesman-Review, WA
Alexa Capeloto, Detroit Free Press
Chris Casteel, Daily Oklahoman, Oklahoma City
Rob Christianson, Raleigh News & Observer, NC
Zack Coile, San Francisco Examiner
George Coryell, Tampa Tribune, FL
Karen Crummy, Boston Herald
Bonna de la Cruz, The Tennessean, Nashville
Scott Davison, Wichita Falls Times-Record News, TX
John Day, Bangor Daily News, ME
Dayton Daily Record, OH
Scott Deacle, Danville Register, VA
Diario, Miami, FL - Browne article
Steven Dornfield, Glenda Crank Holste, & D. J. Tice, St. Paul Pioneer Press, MN
Adrienne Drell, Chicago Sun-Times
Ron Dzwonkowski, Detroit Free Press
Matthew Eisley, Raleigh News & Observer, NC
Jesse Elliot, Daily Iowan, Iowa University, Iowa City
Jane Ely, Houston Chronicle
Ethan, The Daily Vidette, Illinois State University
Don Feder, Boston Herald
Richard Fields, The Scarlet, Clark University, Massachusetts
James Finefrock, Scott Winokur, Jim Healey, & Lynn Myers Berger, San Francisco Examiner
Nolan Finley, Shikha Dalmia, Jeffrey Hadden, Bill Johnson, & Henry Payne, Detroit News
Josh Flory, Columbia Daily Tribune, MO
John Fritze, Indianapolis Star, IN
Alan Gomez, Atlanta Journal-Constitution, GA
Ken Grant, Delaware State News, Wilmington
Kathy Gray, Detroit Free Press
Adrian Gregory, Galveston County News, TX
Thomas Grillo, Boston Globe
Joe Hallett, Columbus Post Dispatch, OH
Jay Hamburg, Nashville Tennessean
Greg Hardesty, Orange County Register, CA
Gary Harmon, Grand Junction Daily Sentinel, CO
Paul Harral, Jack Z. Smith, & J.R. Jill Labbe, Fort Worth Star-Telegram, TX
Wyatt Haupt, North County Times, San Diego
Harold Henderson, Chicago Reader
Evan Herzoff, The Denver Free Press, Colorado University
Rick Holmes, MetroWest Daily News, Boston
Ed Hoskin, La Crosse Tribune, WI
John Huiett, Newsday, New York
Victor Infante, Orange County Weekly, CA
Alice Jackson, Franklin Review Appeal, TN
Tom Jackson, Sunday Constitution, Lawton, OK
Patrick Jackson, Wilmington News Journal, DE
Jacksonville Daily News, NC, editorial
Jefferson City News-Tribune, MO
Butch John, Louisville Courier-Journal, KY
Jack Kenny, Manchester Union-Leader, NH
Ernie King, The Gardner News (suburban newspaper), Boston
Schuyler R. Kropf, Charleston Post & Courier, SC
Paul Ladd, Nashville News
Terry Langeland, Colorado Daily, University of Colorado, Boulder
Larry Levy & Phineas Fisk, Newsday, Melville, NY
Melissa Levy, Minneapolis Star Tribune
Michael Lewis, Seattle Post-Intelligencer, WA
Curt Lovelace, Massachusetts News
Steve Lund, Kenosa News, WI
Peter Lyman, Syracuse Post-Herald, NY
James Lynch, Cedar Rapids Gazette, IA
Jeff Mays, Portland Oregonian, OR
Diana Chiyo McCabe, Orange County Register, CA
Darrell E. McGuire, The North County Times, San Diego
Jonathan McMurry, The Daily Campus, University of Connecticut
Scott Milford, Wisconsin State Journal, Madison
Jeff Miller, Allentown Morning Call, PA
Minneapolis Star-Tribune (reporter unidentified)
Missouri News Service (reporter unidentified)
Kari Neumeyer, Medill News Service
Julie Nolen, The Daily Texan, University of Texas, Austin
North County Times editorial, San Diego, CA
Buzz Orr, Iowa City Gazette
Barbara Ortutay, UCLA Daily Bruin, Los Angeles
Panama City News Herald, FL
Lou Panos, Patuxent Publishing newspapers
Clark Paterson, Austin Review, TX
Rena Pederson, Jim Mitchell, Debra Decker, Henry Tatum, & Ruben Navarrette, Dallas Morning News
Peninsula Highs School paper, Los Angeles (reporter unidentified)
Claudia Peschiutta, Glendale News-Press, CA
Greg Pierce, Washington Times, D.C.
Jamie Pietras, Columbus Alive, OH
Matthew Pinzur, Florida Times-Union, Jacksonville, FL
David Postman, Seattle Times, WA
Jim Ragsdale, St. Paul Pioneer Press, MN
Chris Reed, Orange County Register, CA
Brian Rhodes, The Communicator, Spokane Valley Community College. WA
James Ridgeway, Village Voice
Massie Ritsch, Los Angeles Times, CA
Nancy Rodriquez, Lawrence Eagle-Tribune, MA
Michael Rowett, Democrat-Gazette, Little Rock, AR
Paul Schmidt, The Chronicle of Higher Education
Linda Seebach, Rocky Mountain News, Denver
Mark Silva, Miami Herald, FL
Jim Spencer, Daily Press, Hampton Roads, VA
St. Paul Pioneer-Press (reporter unidentified)
Bill Steigerwald, Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, PA
Steve Stephens, Columbus Dispatch, OH (2)
Eric Stern, St. Louis Post-Dispatch
Kevin Stone, The Daily Collegian, University of Massachusetts at Amherst
Maya Suryaraman, San Jose Mercury News, CA
Gary Susswein, Austin American Statesman, TX
Chuck Sweeny, Rockford Register Star, IL
Tallahassee Democrat op-ed article
Cathy Taylor, Alan Bock, & John Seiler, Orange County Register, CA
Scott Tucker, Daily Free Press, Boston University
Bob Turner & Don MacGillis, Boston Globe
Bob Van Sternberg, Minneapolis Star Tribune
Jason Walsh, Campus Report, Middlesex Community College, MA
Jamal E. Watson, Boston Globe;
Pablo Wegese, Ka Leo O Hawaii, University of Hawaii
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Jim Wolf, Rockford Daily Herald, IL
Jim Wolfe, independent reporter, Jefferson City, MO
Wayne Woodlief, Boston Herald
Philip Yost & Joanne Jacobs, San Jose Mercury News, CA
+ 1 local newspaper (reporter & paper unknown)

Internet Sites & Publications — 81

Stuart A. Swirsky, WorldNetDaily.com
AllPolitics.com (CNN) (AP article)
Matt Alsdorf, PlanetOut.com
America Online chat session
Antiwar.com - Browne article
Jill Balderas, Public Newsroom (www.PublicInteractive.com)
Gary Barrett, Policast.com
Kelly Beaucar, ConservativeHQ.com (8)
Alan Bock, AntiWar.com
Lisa Bowman, zdnet.com
Tom Bustamante, WallStreetNewscast.com
CBS Market Watch (AP article)
CNSnews.com - HB gun laws article
Tom Curry, MS-NBC.com (2)
Dreamagic.com endorses HB
Larry Elder, JewishWorldReview.com
Larry Elder, TownHall.com
Larry Elder, WorldNetDaily.com
Evote.com chat session
Julie Foster. WorldNetDaily
FreedomChannel.com (3)
Glen Galich, Between the Lines, WorkingAssets.com
Jim Garrity, IntellectualCapital.com
Michael Goetz, (www.you-on-tv.com)
Evan Herzoff, Independent Media (www.IndyMedia.org)
Ron Holland, RonHolland.com
Elizabeth Hurt, Business2.com
Brent Johnson, American Sovereign radio, AmericanSovereign.com
Alex Jones, Genesis Communications
Holly Kernan, Redband.com
Libertarian Enterprise - Browne article
Lionel, EYada.com (3)
Kathryn Jean Lopez, NationalReview.com
Kris Lotlikar, ZoomCulture.com
Lycos.com (HB answers to debate questions)
Ned Martel, Voter.com
Rob McKinnon, Iten.net
John Melichar, ComedyWorld.com
Nando Times (AP article)
Peter Orvetti, CBSNews.com
Peter Orvetti, The Orvetti Report, Orvetti.com
Timothy Pajak, HRWire.com
Charles Pappas, GreenMagazine.com
Frank Pellegrini, Time.com, voting for Libertarians
Andy Petrizzio, Wired.com
Justin Raimondo, AntiWar.com (3)
Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr., World Net Daily
Salon.com (reprint of Green Magazine article, see 8/31)
Matt Santaspirt, FoxNewsOnline.com
Philip Smith, DRCNet.org
Todito.com - Browne drug war article
Bob Weinstein, FortuneSB.com (Fortune Magazine)
WorldNetDaily.com - Browne articles (12)

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