This Week in Liberty TV Show

Episode #25, December 21, 2005: Why government is never the answer.

Episode #24, December 14, 2005: How we can change the law-making process..

Episode #23, December 7, 2005: How the bills passed by Congress represent opportunities for Congressmen to pile on with every unrelated pork-barrel project they want. Pay no attention to the bills' titles or the politicians stated concerns.

Episode #22, November 30, 2005: How you check your brains at the door when you join a political party.

Episode #21, November 23, 2005: How the free market would make health care much more efficient and much less expensive.

Episode #20, November 16, 2005: How government has made health care much less efficient and much more expensive than it should be.

Episode #19, November 9, 2005: Why America's borders will always remain open, and what we must do to solve the perceived problems with immigration.

Episode #18, November 3, 2005How would a libertarian foreign policy defend America at a fraction of the cost we're paying now and make us many times as safe as we are now?

Episode #17, October 19, 2005Has the Iraq war achieved anything to compensate for all the lies, deceptions, and promises or to justify all the deaths and destruction?

Episode #16, October 12, 2005How to clean up the environment without the EPA. Why the free market much more efficiently reduces pollution.

Episode #15, October 5, 2005:  Why force is never the answer, and shows why the use of force in response to September 11, 2001, was a terrible mistake.

Episode #14, September 28, 2005: Several current hot topics: more on the Supreme Court, how Wal-Mart delivered the goods where the Federal Emergency Management Agency didn't, where will the $200 billion go in New Orleans, the Baker-Carter election reform commission, and why the plight of Jose Padilla should be a warning to all of us.

Episode #13, September 21, 2005: Why New Orleans is under water while the free market survived the most dire warnings plus the irrelevancy of the questions posed to Supreme Court nominee John Roberts.

Episode #12, June 24, 2005: Harry discusses foreign policy with military veteran Conrad Rell, plus he explains that the essential element of government is force.

Episode #11, June 17: Harry debates Representative John Seiler on social issues, and explains why the atomic bomb wasn't necessary to end World War II.

Episode #10, June 10: Harry debates the Fair Tax with attorney and writer Chase Adams.

Episode #9, June 3: Harry debates political strategist Dan Lewis on big government vs. big business.

Episode #8, May 27: Harry shows how World War I should have taught Americans the folly of thinking the U.S. can reform the rest of the world.

Episode #7, May 20: Harry debates Ed Kennedy of the Republican Party on the Iraq war.

Episode #6, May 13: Harry and Omar Periu explain how the poor are cared for in a free society, plus a list of things George Bush doesn't know about Iraq.

Episode #5, May 6: Harry debates Professor Pat Smith about government programs, and discusses the consequences of force.

Episode #4, April 29: Harry debates the Reverend O'Neal Dozier about gay marriage, and explains what America was meant to be.

Episode #3, April 22: Harry debates foreign policy with Dr. Robert Hemholdt, and tells what happens to your brain when you join a political party.

Episode #2, April 15: Harry debates the alleged threat of Muslims with Bela Rabinowitz,
and explains why radical proposals to reduce government have more chance to succeed than moderate proposals. (Not currently available)

Episode #1, April 8: Harry debates the Drug War with Larry Klayman, and explains why force never works to solve domestic or foreign problems. Home
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