Music Heard on the Radio Show

The number before each item refers to the minutes of the hour at which that break occurs. For example, "16" refers to the break that occurs at 16 minutes past the hour.

If you click on a title, you can hear a short excerpt from the piece.

The footnotes refer to the CDs from which the pieces come. See the full information for the CD further down. Clicking on the title of a CD links you to the page for the CD, in case you want to consider acquiring the CD. However, some of the CDs aren't available at Amazon, in which case there are links to other sources..

The Saturday Evening Libertarian Conversation

First Hour

Opening Theme,  Johannes Brahms: Symphony #1, 4th movement 1
16,  before & after break:  Franz Lehár: Waltz from Eva 2
29,  before & after break:  Franz Lehár: Waltz from The Count of Luxembourg 2
41,  before & after break:  Franz: Lehár: First waltz from The Merry Widow 2
51,  before & after break:  Franz Lehár: Second waltz from The Merry Widow 2
58,  closing of the hour:      Franz Lehár: Waltz from Giuditta 2

Second Hour

Opening Theme,  Albert Ketčlbey: In the Mystic Land of Egypt 3
16,  before & after break:  Antonin Dvorák: Slavonic Dance #10 4
29,  before & after break:  George Whitefield Chadwick: Symphonic Sketches 5
41,  before & after break:  Albert Ketčlbey: In the Mystic Land of Egypt 3
51,  before break: Johann Sebastian Bach: Bist du bei Mir (If you're by me) 6
51,  after break:  Johann Sebastian Bach: Jesus, Joy of Man's Desiring 6
58,  end of show:  Albert Kčtelbey: Sanctuary of the Heart 3

1 Bernstein Century, Leonard Bernstein, New York Philharmonic, Sony SMK 60970
2 Lehar Waltzes, Willi Boskovsky, Strauss Orchestra of Vienna, EMI CDC 7 47020 2
3 Immortal Works of Ketčlbey, Eric Rogers, Royal Philharmonic, London 444 786-2
4 Slavonic Dances, George Szell, Cleveland Orchestra, Sony SBK 48161
5 Chadwick, Jose Serebrier, Czech State Philharmonic, Reference RR-64CD
6 Bach, Eugene Ormandy, The Philadelphia Orchestra, CBS Odyssey MBK 38915

The Sunday Afternoon Investment Show

Opening Theme,  Come Back Sweet Papa 1
16,  before break:  Relaxin' at the Touro 2
16,  after break:  Spain 3
29,  before break:  Poor Papa 4
29,  after break:  Big Butter & Egg Man 2
41,  before break:  Tishomingo Blues 5
41,  after break:  Love Nest 6
51,  before break: Makin' Whoopee 4
51,  after break:  The Old Spinning Wheel 1
58,  end of show:  Come Back Sweet Papa 1

1 Bob Crosby: The Classic Tracks, Bob Crosby & his band, Kaz CD 315
2 Mugsy Spanier: 1939-1944, Mugsy Spanier & his band, Cedar CD 53222
Stomp Off, Let's Go!, Bob Crosby Orchestra & Bob Cats, Living Era 5097
4 Positively Fourth Street, 4th Street Five + One, 4SF-001 (not currently available,
  but a new recording is available at the band's website.)
5 Dixieland U.S.A., Matty Matlock and his Dixie-Men, Pickwick 1124-2
6 High Society, Bob Crosby & his band, Halcyon 130