What Should We Do About Terrorism?

Here are articles by Harry Browne presenting approaches the U.S. government should take in response to the September 11 attack — as well as offering a long-term foreign policy that will make future attacks on America much less likely.

Understand that there is no "perfect solution" to the September 11 problems. Once you have created trouble, prices must be paid. The important concern now is that America act in ways that will minimize future trouble. 

How to Oppose Terrorism
August 22, 2002 — Here's a list of "do"s and "don't"s covering the best and worst ways to fight terrorism.

This Just In: Bin Laden Wins the War in Afghanistan
March 14, 2002 — Americans are congratulating themselves on destroying Afghanistan. But the only one who achieved his objectives is Osama bin Laden.

What can we do about terrorism? - Part one
October 5, 2001 — The basic assumptions and principles that must be understood before any course of action can be discussed intelligently.

What can we do about terrorism? - Part two
October 15, 2001 — There really are only two choices available to us. Neither of those choices can guarantee that we will never be attacked again — but one of them makes a peaceful future much more likely.

What can we do about terrorism? - Part three
October 31, 2001 — A brief look at a more realistic foreign policy than what the U.S. government has been practicing. No foreign policy can guarantee complete safety, but we should certainly be much safer than we are today.

What Has 'Victory' Achieved?
January 10, 2002 — The warmongers said that treating the September 11 attacks as criminal acts would achieve nothing. But what has four months of bombing achieved?

A Foreign Policy for America
Adapted from The Great Libertarian Offer. How American foreign policy has changed the world for the worse, how it continues to stir up trouble, and how a libertarian foreign policy would make America much safer. A much more complete presentation than in Part Three above.

 The Peace Amendment
A proposed Constitutional amendment that would make it much harder for politicians to drag us into war. This is an expanded version of the amendment mentioned in Part Three above.

I Love America — Do You?
November 20, 2001 — Do you love America? If so, isn't it time you spoke out on behalf of America — before the President and Congress take away the rest of what made this the land of the free?

Is War Necessary?
January 16, 2004 — Finally, a look at the question of whether we should ever have to go to war against anyone.


"It’s a lot easier to avoid stepping into an abyss than to climb out of it. It’s a lot easier to avoid making enemies than to defend yourself when they want to kill you.

"Let me put it another way. Suppose I warn you that if you smoke, you may get cancer. You go ahead and smoke; and sure enough, you get cancer. Then you come to me and say, 'Okay, you’re so smart — what’s the cure for cancer?' I can only answer: 'I have no idea. If I knew of a cure, I wouldn’t have had to warn you, would I? I’d have told you to go ahead and smoke, since if you got cancer I could cure you.'"

. . . Joseph Sobran
"Too Late?"
October 12, 2001

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